Friday, February 6

There's a naked man outside my window.

Really. It was like Death in the Form of an Ugly Naked Guy, with Wings. (With apologies to mr. psychicpants.)

At exactly 6pm tonight, I opened the door to my office after my very last class for the day. I had just come from a talk with some students who had to consult whether they should drop or still take up the make up midterm exams. A solid half hour of explaining blah blah. I was already tired by then.

So I decided to go back to my office. It was already dark. I push open my door and look up to face the window. There in the courtyard, smack in the middle of the usually dead uninhabited courtyard, was a path lit by candles on both sides. The path was strewn with red and white rose petals. I walk closer to the window to inspect what was up, and at that exact same moment, I saw a guy drop his pants and step out of them. He was naked except for fairy wings. Or they must have been angel wings, but I couldn't really tell. He started reciting some verse which I couldn't really understand. My mind was just screaming, "Omg! There's a naked guy outside my window!"

I started texting this other teacher batchmate. Within minutes, batchmate barged inside my office. "Where?! Where is he?" I motion to the window and Naked Angel was still there declaiming. What was he doing? We asked ourselves if the theater production had started, but no, no, it couldn't be that.

Naked Angel disappears from our view. A while later, while teacher batchmate and I stood dazed outside my door, Theater Professor approached us to apologize.

"I didn't know he was going to do that. We're doing scene interpretations, and the kid was supposed to do Hamlet. He didn't indicate in the class notes that he was going to be naked," he said in between much headshaking. "Were you offended?"

It was our turn to shake our heads.

"We were, uhm, more stunned actually," I said.

"That's the wrong way to do Hamlet, really." Convinced that we were really just stunned, he sauntered away. Once alone, we started giggling. Unexpected benefits of a late night checking papers. Hehehe.

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