Thursday, February 26

I wanna live inside a movie theater

At least for a few days until I finish everything that's showing, in time for the Oscars. Passed by Greenbelt yesterday and discovered that Lost in Translation is showing already, along with Something's Gotta Give. There's also In America and 21 Grams, and I'm afraid I have a huge film backlog I can't catch up with.


Am still tired from walking around yesterday with my aunt and uncle, and we spent a monstrous hour last night crossing and uncrossing our legs inside a cab that was caught in the middle of a horrible traffic in c5 on our way to Eastwood. If I were them, I wouldn't want to live there. Our cabbie used to be a trucker in Greece, and he told stories of how old lolas would get off the buses and stand by the roadside and pee standing up. No need for fuschia pink urinals. How weird is that?

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