Monday, February 16

Jimmy and Cristina were lovers.

My God, how they could love.
Swore to be true to each other.
True as the stars up above. **

In the Shaider universe, that is. Jimmy was an astronaut sent to the moon for an experiement, and their shuttle exploded and he was presumed dead. Until he was found 20 years later, still as young and vibrant, presumably stuck in a time-space warp. He was sent back to Japan, and he proceeded to look for Cristina, the love of his life, who had unfortunately passed away the month before. But he didn't know that, and when he saw this young girl who eeriely looked like his beloved Cristina, he started going after her. Young girl was actually Cristina's niece. Lay-Ar's footsies also started going after Jimmy, because he could dissolve himself into little atoms and then reconverge. This mutation would help them create a powerful monster who could finally beat Shaider.

There you go folks, Shaider as a Shake, Rattle, and Roll crossed with the X-Men crossed with Dante's Inferno episode. How retro-chic and po-mo, don't you think?

Shamelessly swiped from Frankie & Johnny, natch.

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