Tuesday, February 24

A break up is when you suddenly find out you've been tossed aside and the one who used to be your lover is making funny noises with someone and it sounds to you like they're saying Belat, Hindi Ka na Kasali.

Nerve's The Breakup Issue hits you in the face (more like in the gut, really) with all the ensuing rage, the snot dripping, chest thumping, knife-wielding, I-wanna-jump-over-the-MRT-railings-but-I'm-afraid-of-ending-up-like-minced-meat proclamations that comes with that time honored tradition of, well, breaking up. There's an article about break up movies, and the only films I could relate to are Annie Hall and High Fidelity. I want to watch those two movies again, not that I'm in break up mode, but it's because it's still a kind of loss only without the death scene. It might induce moping, which I'm not very keen of doing right now, only because there are tons of things to do, and I might be better off watching really stupid movies or gushy ones. The antidote might be here already, because I just got the European DVD version of Amelie Poulain, but damn what I've give to have a functioning player right now. And this is going to sound really cheesy, but I wanted to say, "Hey Woody Allen, save me."


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