Sunday, February 1

Shaider # 4

This Sunday's episode is "Katalinuhang Huwad." Since Lay-ar failed in his attempts to kidnap and brainwash the little geniuses of the world, he decided to go for the underperforming kids. Parents are usually impressed with high grades and want their kids to do well enough to get into the most elite universities and would do anything for their kids to get in. The Hairspray Girls go around Tokyo peddling a "robot" who would then take the image of the child, and then systematically take his/her place. The robot scores "100" in exams, would do chores without complaints--the perfect, filial child. All praises for this subservient robot. Of course, the real kid would get jealous, but it'll be too late for him. Unless, of course, Shaider saves him.

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