Tuesday, August 26

I was eating breakfast in front of the tv last weekend. It was one of them chinovelas. It's the first time I actually came upon and sat thru an entire episode. I liked the part where this guy gave the girl coffee, and it was black. The girl didn't like it because it was bitter. Guy said that people think it's a bad thing, black coffee, because there's no sweetness to it. But if you let it settle in your mouth, you will begin to taste the full flavor of the beans. It's not coffee dulled by sugar and creamer or milk. You get to taste the pain and bitterness of it, and that's what makes drinking coffee an experience.

I rather liked that comparison. I like drinking coffee because it's bitter. Of course there are times when things get too bitter, you moon and long for the little bit of sweetness, the saccharine taste. But nothing too sweet.

Yeah, I think I rather liked that coffee part, the more I think of it.

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