Sunday, June 25


Mansfield College in the University of Oxford is also sometimes called the "Kylie Minogue of colleges", being "small but well-formed". Mansfield has a population of about 200 students, and one of their more notable former students was Adam von Trott zu Solz, who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Since I read that, every time I think of Mansfield I automatically get this image in my head of Kylie in a sparkling short skirt, rising from a rotating CD player from the stage and wriggling to "I [just] can't get you out of my head." It's either that or Hitler dancing "Mein Kampf" ala Fergie of BEP. Persistent and disturbing ear worms, me bad.

Anyway, if things fall into place then I'll be in Mansfield for 4 days in September, for the Monsters 4 conference, which examines the myths and metaphors of enduring evil. I'm slated to present a paper on murderous Filipina maids. I'm not sure yet if the university gives out funds for this sort of thing. I still have to inquire about this tomorrow. I only have two weeks to find me proper funding and confirm my attendance.

Otherwise, I will have to either forfeit my slot, or find other ways to fund the trip. Like perhaps look for a fairy godmother or patrol Quezon Avenue on certain nights.

But I really, really do want to go. Dominus Illuminatio Mea indeed.

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