Sunday, June 25

The Last Days of the Yantok Boyz

The Inquirer reports that some 200 faculty and students protested about the presence of the Marines in the Diliman campus:
The [militant group Anakbayan] said it had received a report that the Marines would replace the Special Security Brigade in charge of maintaining “peace and order” inside the campus. An active military presence in the UP portrays a twisted definition of “campus security,” it added.
The Special Security Brigade is usually seen patroling the academic oval, quietly in their black and orange vests, but with a big stick. I first noticed the Marines during the registration period, and mostly around the AS parking lot and steps. I thought they were there to beef up the security and guard the tuition money bins or something.

So does this report mean that the Marines are staying on? Will there be no more Yantok Boyz in the hood? Can someone clear this up?

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