Wednesday, March 22

Keanu Reeves is hipper than a Japanese schoolgirl

Or so Wired Magazine claims. That's #8 in their list of reasons of why Keanu Reeves rules. So does that means he's also cooler than Gwen Stefani and Madonna? Hehehe.

But the clincher is really this:
10. He's smart. No, really.
Reeves has called himself a "meathead," but Matrix producer Joel Silver insists he's "very well read, very conscious of the world, politics, the economy." He can talk about the differences between the ­theories of Schopenhauer, Hegel, and Kant. And he's even a crack chess player.
Someone once said that The Matrix gave Keanu the perfect movie role--a computer generated character. That seems a bit unfair. But one weekend morning, I was having breakfast and Something's Gotta Give was playing on HBO. In that film, Keanu Reeves plays Julian, a doctor smitten with the more mature Diane Keaton. A doctor, imagine that.

Hey, look! Keanu's holding a peach. Peaches, yum. Hmm.

Now I'm very willing to suspend my disbelief when he's wearing a t-shirt that stretches just right around the shoulders. But I wouldn't dare trust him with a syringe.

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