Thursday, March 2

De-likely: Crucifying the Verse

The SMS currently making the rounds today says that GMA is "likely" to lift 1017 today.

So even with all the protests going on, even with the various groups questioning the constitutionality of the thing, she's still not inclined to lift it. "Likely" lang daw. Pero di pa rin sure.

Somebody should tell her that 1017 thing is not loverly at all. Itanong pa niya kina Audrey Hepburn at Cole Porter.

The ways of RetroRevo don't seem to work anymore. Maybe it's really time to think up of new things. Somebody suggested this Starbucks Protest, which seems like a very ex-pat thing to do. Something to consider: How about going en masse to The Castle by the River and sing at the top of our lungs? If you can't carry a tune, all the better. I don't think we're going to need a Magic Sing for this one.


There's going to be another walkout in UP Diliman at 4pm today. Gathering place is at the AS Steps.

I just hope this doesn't turn out to be a campaign sortie, like what happened last Tuesday at the teach-in. I know it's student council election season, but guys, can't you just keep your young trapo tendencies in check?

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