Wednesday, October 20

Single Serving the Nation

Mornings in our house is usually filled with the voices of radio announcers giving a rundown of the day's headlines. There's this section by Love Anover about the good news of the day. This morning it's about 6,000 medical doctors pledging to stay in the country and serve the nation and its people for three years. During which time they also vowed to go on medical missions, perform outreach projects for the needy (and almost everyone in this country qualifies as "needy"). They're not flying out immediately and search for greener pastures, they're not going to study nursing and become caregivers out there in the west. And according to Ms. Anover, that is the good news.

Of course, not said out loud is the fine print. Yeah, they're staying in this decaying pit for three damn years just so people would shut up about that entire problem about the diaspora, about medical board topnotcher Elmer Jacinto who's set to fly out and become a nurse in the land of milk and honey. That ought to be service enough, right?

As the ex-art student said: I wonder what Ms Evangelista, she of the rose colored glasses, would say about all this.

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