Tuesday, October 12

network wars on the web

Have the networks taken their wars to the web?

I was peacefully browsing the web when I came across what seems to be a kapuso blog. It has a listing of the newest shows, complete with story updates and ratings. The sidebar also has links pointing to blogs for Mulawin, Extra Challenge, StarStruck and Darna.

I checked out those blogs and they're surprisingly up-to-date. The Mulawin blog carries episode guides, including the recent developments regarding the Gas and Wis characters. These two were cursed to spend their eternities as children,cast away in a deep, dark forest. They had come across a group of scouts who also don't grow old. All in all, it sounds like Peter Pan with wings. And the blog confirms that, saying that someone named bluedove gave them the updates.

The blog also points us to the upcoming battle of the bird people with Judy Ann's Krystala, who until recently did not have the power to fly. But to combat aerial beings, she was forced to go airborne herself. The Krystala blog points us to yet another blog which carries the myth about the heroine.

I'm just wondering who's behind this blog blitz. The archives of the blogs date back to late August. Are the network people behind this or just some fans with too much time and bandwidth? I'm thinking of the former, since fans usually don't have access to episode guides unless they make it themselves and ratings are only privy to those who have insider access. And if so, then they must also have access to the other network's material. Hmm...

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