Tuesday, October 19

Blame game

The previous post generated some comments that could be possible spontaneous combustion material, what with today's warm weather and my despair at the seemingly bottomless pit that is paper checking.

Wayne points out that ABS-CBN/Today uploads their online content same day the print version comes out. I still say they're not consistent because this is not the first time I had come looking for specific articles and they couldn't be found anywhere. They have a crappy archive and a bad really unfriendly interface. The same goes for Inq7.net. I'm just saying that it's time to beef up and organize the way they archive their data. Is all.

As for BnC's comment, if nobody really cares about the UP Presidency anymore, then why do we have nearly a dozen candidates? They all have their own particular peculiarities I'm sure. Not only have they been sleeping under a rock, but someone even claims to be Jose Rizal's girl.

Sana tumakbong UP President si Eddie Gil para may pambara na sa loveteam nina Madam Auring. Nyahahaha.

And yeah, before I forget, here is a link to "Blaming UP" after it's finally been posted to his official website.

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