Saturday, October 30

Blinkless Halloween

Some weeks back, there was a press release from Our Favorite Boldstar that she would be back in Wag Kukurap for the Halloween episode. But I didn’t see her shadow in the teasers nor in the episode itself.* Unless she was the poltergeist who was throwing KC Montero’s bed off the wall. It’s either that or she was one of the walk by ghosts who cross the camera and make the bidas look around but see nothing.

Anyhow, the first part featured Sexbomb Girl Aira Bermudez in her grisly tale of an obsessed fan. During one of their shows out of town, some guy asks Aira for an autograph. When she looks up, the guy has a slashed throat. She stifles a scream and then the guy disappears. Aira gets back inside the van and they begin their long treck back to the city. The long dark road was littered with walk by ghosts. You know, the kind wherein you think you saw something but when you tell the others, nothing’s there so you end up like a dweeb with a hyperactive imagination—or in the very least, really bad eyesight.

But of course, since this is a horror show, their van breaks down in front of the cemetery. Of all places to pick, right? The girls get off and decide to pee in the bushes. The other girls promptly leave Aira alone, and she finds herself lost and face to face with the obsessed ghost. He didn’t ask for her autograph this time.

It seems like the show can survive on tales from the Sexbomb Girls alone. First, Jacque, then Aira, and how many girls left to tell their tales?

*It turns out she was in another episode. But I didn't see that, so it doesn't count.

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