Monday, September 20

Nightmare in apple green

This morning's vaguely remembered dream has me walking down my building's familiar hallway. I was in that dimly lit corner leading to the office to get my mail.

"Hi," she said. Whenever I see this girl, it's like being thrown back to a time when folks didn't seem to care much about the ozone layer the way they propped their hair up with AquaNet. She's one of the few people I know who despondently cling to the fashion foibles of her generation.

80s girl flipped her hair and hoisted self up on desk. Suddenly, I was blinded by a flash of apple green--and half a butt exposed along with it. She wore one of those pleated short skirts. That place could never be illuminated properly, but there it was, a blinding flash of color.

Chunky legs, green skirt, half a butt. May the good Lord save us all.

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