Thursday, September 2

Kanto Girl meets Sassy Girl

In one of my many many walks in downtown Bangkok, I came across this multiplex in Siam Square which shows non-mainstream movies. The viewing fare is more artfilm than Hollywood, and during my visit they were showing, among other things, Windstruck by Korean star Jeon Ji-hyun.

A ragtag crew of young people have set up many pink windmills at the theater lobby to attract viewers for a mini tribute show in the afternoon.

They had this booth with posters, t-shirts and other paraphernalia for sale. There's even a poster signed by both Jeon Ji-hyun and that guy from Volcano High.

windstruck signed poster. She can take your breath away.

Of course, the fangirl in me just had to stop and take pictures.


The crew invited me to the program. Unfortunately, I was caught in the rain and wasn’t able to go back in time. I planned to shanghai Wally into watching the movie. There was a 4.30pm and an 8.45 screening. (In between they were showing an indie with Rachel Leigh Cook and a French movie. So in a day, they could feature as much as 4 different movies with different screening times in a single cinema.) But rain and life barred me from watching, so I guess I'll just watch it on DVD.

More entries about the Bangkok Quest soon, when my avalanche of midterm papers have subsided.

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