Friday, September 3

Debate with Mare, Pare and the Bold stars

This is a crucial time for Philippine movies. As we have previously pointed out, a significant percentage of the movies we come up with each year are independently produced bold movies. Yes, they star little known stars like Hanni Miller, and have weird titles which sound like salads--Kangkong with Buko Pandan. A lot has been said about how they corrupt our youth and our nation's moral fiber. Apparently, everyone seems to be so busy about reviving and strengthening our morals. (Mag Creamsilk conditioner na lang kayo.)

Recently, SM Cinemas have decreed they would not show bold movies anymore. As a result, these little known boldies are protesting: they are to be robbed of whatever pittance they make for a living and will be forced to stage fashion shows and revues to earn money, or worse, attempt to sing and dance like the rest of those artista wannabes.

People are applauding that movies rated R-18 or For Adults Only will not be shown in SM malls anymore.

The question is that is this going to be a trend, and an eventual move in phasing out all films deemed for mature audiences only? Remember that not all R-18 movies are about disrobing. If so, are we voluntarily causing our collective cultural myopia? I say don't ban these movies. If you want, create a cinema complex for these, but don't take them away altogether. If you do that, you are stepping on other people's rights to see libog on screen. And I mean that in a very good way.

Tonight's panel include Manoling Morato, and we all know what he's going to say, Juliana Palermo who's only there to listen, Fr. Nico Bautista who proclaimed that banning R18 movies are against human rights, and Butch Francisco, who's still wearing his atrocious suit from this evening's Cine Europa opening.

Please let your opinions be heard. So far, the moralists are on the lead. Participate in Inq7's online Debate poll here.

Updates later.

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