Wednesday, August 15

That bag, c'est moi

Look what I found:

It's a Parcel tote bag, which I got with tags and all in the ukay store which sheltered me from the rain earlier tonight. Actually, that's not the exact bag I got. Mine is a deeper purple, with black straps and yellow vines and flowers, and the bottom is a sort of dark burnished gold. I trawled through the Loop website (Nice, but flash heavy) and couldn't find the exact same bag. But you can look here to see the ruching detail not quite obvious in the above photo. Alternative Outfitters, which calls the bag "vegan and cruelty-free," also has a detailed description:
A Parcel classic silhouette made of ultra chic satin nylon in supple iridescent shades has zippers every which way but loose and adorable unique Parcel printed straps. The ruched side detail on the exterior pocket brings to mind French knickers and memories of no knickers!!! Headphone grommets keep your iPod, Nano, MP3 headphones from getting tangled so you can listen to your tunes effortlessly.
Truth be told, I was there because all the other convenience stores couldn't give me change or the stuff I needed to really buy. But it's a blessing in the sky in disguise. It's a happy happy find for Php150. Of course, not necessarily healthy from a personal finance point of view. But I found lotsa bags in that second ukay store than the one I first went to, in which I previously found a Tintin tote. This isn't their lucky day I suppose.

Anyway, it was a fun find, and it's not everyday that I find a bag that's made (seemingly) just for me.

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