Sunday, August 19

DIY Sunday

In an age of convenience, people tend to just walk inside a store and buy stuff. That's what 7-11 is for, and I really don't mind NOT doing my own laundry, but Simply Thrifty emphasizes that all this convenience is "expensive and making people lazy."

So she presents 100 Things you can make yourself which includes hair conditioner. There's one kind where you can combine rosemary and olive oil, but you can also you mayonnaise to deep condition your hair. The site warns its readers to use "real" mayonnaise and not salad dressing, as this will only dry your hair. So no Mayo Magic then.

Because of the positive feedback, she then came up with 100 more other things you can make yourself.

Of that later list, I was curious about how to make mulled wine and margaritas, as well as how to make your own moleskine-like-notebook (3.5 x 5.5 x .5 in) using substance 20 bond paper -- the type you use in your copier and printer, and how to build your own pc. Attempt the last two things only if you're confident of your reflex skills.

I was reminded of when I was little and my mother was suddenly interested in making her own vinegar. So she took home loads of pineapple skin and packed the juice and pulp into huge glass jars which she stored in all the kitchen cupboards and even under the sink. Weeks and months later we had way too much vinegar than we could use, but I remember that they were tangy and tasted better than any vinegar we ever had.

And we're not even talking about her make your own pickled singkamas, sibuyas or peppers phase.

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