Wednesday, August 22

Bread Talk

It was such a busy day after the rather long weekend and I was looking forward to enjoying a little reward to myself: a bun of Berries and Cream from Bread Talk.

So imagine my surprise (and slight disappointment) when it turned out to be mostly strawberry stuffing and no cream. Nyar. Although in fairness, nag-uumapaw lang siya sa strawberries ha. Pero nyar pa rin.

Bread Talk is supposed to be the Krispy Kremes of Singapore. Only that for the last few years, their designer breads had also conquered the Philippines. There are lines all the time whenever I pass by a branch, and at one time I was trying to enjoy my cup of coffee when a swarm literally descended on the Gateway branch, the same crowd I was avoiding at the mall. It turned out that Carmina Villaroel of QTV's Day Off was trying her hand at baking bread.

But really, why call the store Bread Talk? Someone said the owner wanted the people to talk about the bread. But in my head, I imagine that this is the wicked sort of pick up lines that bakers use. Somewhere along the lines of:
Hey baby, you've got some really hot buns.
You won't forget my baguette.
The filling just won't go away.
Don't let me stuff you.
Nyar, BreadTalk, look at what you made me do. What happened to the tagline, "We Make Your Day"? But pretty nifty, noh?

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