Wednesday, May 30

Miss U

Claringski and I had this running commentary via SMS yesterday while watching the Miss Universe pageant. But I'm too drained to think my own thoughts so will just post parts of her entry and make annotations. Like this:
I finally had my fondest wish fulfilled, seeing a candidate slip and land flat on her bum during the evening gown competition. I was always curious how one would react if that happened. U.S.A. recovered marvelously, giving the crowd a wide smile two seconds after she picked herself up. In return, the audience booed. I don’t understand Mexicans.
Yeah, I don't understand why they had to boo Ms. USA. They're probably upset because their candidate didn't get into the Top 5. Magtigil nga sila. Tama na ngang umabot sa Top 15 at 10. Pero kung pati Top 5, OA na yun.

I don't really watch it religiously like she does. Miss U is like the Oscars for me--I can only remember 1992 onwards. I don't know why. Anyway, in 1992, Ms. Namibia won and her name was Michelle something, I think. There was a year that Ms. USA won. She was a lawyer, she's from Hawaii and she's called Keulani Lee or something. That year they introduced changes to the pageant presentation because there was this huge screen at the back of the stage that projected huge pictures of the candidates in gowns and swimsuits.

Now they got rid of the vital stats and the judge's scores which used to appear as sidebar, so there's really no way of knowing who got top scores. Now the average scores appear on the upper right hand corner of the TV screen--no highlights, no scrolls--so you always miss it. I also miss this:
I still wish they’d bring back that tradition of having the finalists parade in their evening gowns with little girls serenading them with You Are My Star. When I was a kid I knew that if I wasn’t meant to be a Ms. U candidate, I’d be fine being one of the girls who’d hand a rose to one of the delegates as she passes by in her long gown.
Wala na ngang little sister chuvalu, they also had the big idea to make the girls pose like porn girls. This year's Top 15 pa naman had their fair share of East European and Asian countries. Tapos animal print pa ang bathing suit, with matching long beady necklaces. Ano ba yun,parang FHM shoot.

Another thing: wala na rin yung panel na gumagawa ng mga side comments. Parang last year yata yun that they got one of the queer eye guys as commentary. Anyway, I think Miss Japan is cute naman, although di ko feel yung evening gown niya. Mas gusto ko yung gown ni Miss Japan last year. If she did win to compensate for last year's loss, keri lang. Miss Korea could have sailed away with the crown but that answer was just one big wtf. It's also the first time there was a bald girl--si Ms. Tanzania. Although sabi ni Claringski, token black girl daw. Honga.

Naisip ko lang, I don't usually post about things like watching the Miss Universe pageant. Does that mean I'm some kind of bading din? Hmm...

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