Friday, May 4

Bakit bad trip ang magtapos

So a couple of weeks ago, I found myself attending the College of Arts and Letters graduation. Except that I didn't really sit with the members of the faculty because I lent someone my sablay and I was wearing shorts and I didn't really feel like sitting under the sun.

But I was there because I wanted to hear Bencab's speech.
Anong ginagawa ng estudyante sa eskwelahan? Pupunta ng klase. Tapos? Pupunta sa susunod na klase. Tapos? Magtatanghalian. Tapos? Pupunta ulit sa isa pang klase. Tapos? Pupunta sa huling klase. Tapos? Tapos, araw ng pagtatapos.

Graduation. Araw ng pagtatapos. Sino ba ang nagtatapos? Kayo. Ano ba ang natatapos? Kayo rin. Tapos ang maliligayang araw n’yo.
In Comm 3, they tell us that the good speech must be brief but must also pack a punch. The introduction to Bencab was longer than the speech itself. Hell, Bencab's speech was better than the valedictory address. But never mind that one. You can download Bencab's speech here.

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