Tuesday, May 22

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser, Php200 from NBS 4th floor bins

Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation is my Book#10. It took me around 3 years to finish: it sat on my shelf for over 2 years after I bought it maybe 2 or 3 Christmases ago. It gathered dust and I only pulled it out of the book pile because I needed to check some facts a kid in my class used in her paper. Sadly, I never found the quotes she used, which was bad for her because it means her documentation was shot.

Anyway, I continued reading it even after checking season. Reading it should have stopped me from eating fast food. After all, Schlosser did convince me that fast food empires are evil. But no, I found myself craving for more burgers and fries. I guess this means I need to stand firmly and refuse the fries, even if it's dipped in ketchup. But who can ever say no to ketchup?

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