Thursday, October 5

Green Crayons

So somebody's been making googling me and the link lead me to a student blog. She was ranting and it wasn't really clear what it was about. Then she said something like this:

"I'm spinning around and I don't really have a point. But it's okay. It's not like I'm submitting this to (kantogirl) and she's not going to mark this with green crayons."

That's mostly it. Yes, I had this phase when I corrected papers using dermatographs--blue, green, orange, but never red. They're not really crayons. Better that than angry red ink. These days I just use pencils. Hey, at least I got off easy.

Unlike some other colleagues who got called names like bitch or fag, mostly because the kid got low grades in their subjects. The Bitch found out about this student blog entry about her on a really good day (like the night of a big literary award) and her husband googled her name and they found the blog. The supposed bitch is usually very nice and so she was surprised that somebody would call her names. She couldn't really remember the kid, but good thing because the blog had photos. When she ran into this kid in a busy hallway, she accosted him and said, "Would you like me to also blog about you?" Poor kid.

Meanwhile, the colleague who got called a fag wasn't offended at all. It's stating the obvious daw.

Anyway, it's paper checking season. Sooner or later, some disgruntled student would post something about a low grade they got in that subject and rant about it in their blogs. I'm pretty sure a bunch of kids are calling me a bitch somewhere. Let them. Then I'll do a google search later and do a Bitch/Fag combo. I'll stalk them right back. Or maybe I'll post excerpts from student papers this semester if I've got the time. Students aren't the only ones with blogs, you know. Hehehe.

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