Sunday, October 8

Betty La Fea Worldwide

The television show "Ugly Betty" is getting raves from critics and viewers alike. America is rather late catching on to the Betty La Fea craze. I watched the original show dubbed in Filipino by actress Chin Chin Gutierrez around four years ago.

But apparently, the one currently showing in the States is not the original but rather an American remake. The lead is played by America Ferrera, who starred in HBO's "Real Women Have Curves," previously discussed here. Also in the series is Eric Mabius, who played swim coach Tim in The L-Word, and Vanessa Williams.

There's also a LiveJournal community that has also posted photos of the various Ugly Betties worldwide. Apparently, the trend now is not just dubbing an entire series but remaking it. In Russia, their version of the 80s show "Perfect Strangers" also just debuted. I wonder if the Philippines would soon follow suit. I also want to see whether they made adjustments to the script to adapt to the show importer's home culture.

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