Thursday, May 18

Retro Loco

TV Cream has the very best of TV themes from shows you grew up with. I loved the talking car in Knight Rider. When the "Bilog Ang Mundo" campaign came out, I swear that's the Knight Rider theme thrown into the mix.

He-Man recently outed. "By the power of Gayskull"? Didn't Joey de Leon do this way way back, as in, "She-Man: Mistress of the Universe?"

Joey de Leon as She-Man

The International Hero website traces She-Man's history:
Pando is a blacksmith who dreams of becoming a superhero. One day his dream is granted by a gay hermit Gayskull, who transforms him into a hero, so that he can rescue kidnapped Barrio children from the evil Skeleton. However because of Gayskull's sexuality, his spell turns Pando into She-Man, a gay superhero who rides a butterfly into battle.
It's a He-Man and Panday satire--doesn't that kick ass? And this is way before Zaturnnah and the giant palakang kokak.

You can also look at the She-Man movie synopsis here.

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