Friday, May 12

Kaufman vs Ball

The WGA celebrates the greatest achievements in film writing by releasing their list of the 101 Greatest Screenplays.

The top 10 includes two Godfathers and Casablanca, which I never really get to finish. But Citizen Kane, Annie Hall, and Chinatown are there, staples of film and writing classes. The list really reads like all the other "best of, ever" lists, except this one, those included were picked by the writers themselves.

Some favorite movies which are included in the list: Thelma & Louise, Manhattan, Apocalypse Now, Jerry Maguire, Back to the Future, Taxi Driver, When Harry Met Sally, and The Graduate. And oh, Sylvester Stallone got in.

But Charlie Kaufman trumps Alan Ball (American Beauty, #38, also a favorite) by having three of his finest works in: Adaptation (#77), Being John Malkovich (#74), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind comes in at #24.


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