Saturday, May 20

Barbie Rocks the Big Dome Concert Playlist

Just got back from the Araneta. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but front act Salamin actually came onstage at around 9pm, and Rocksteddy did 5 or 6 songs--enough to make you think you went to the wrong event.

But once you look at the stage, there's really no mistaking that this must be the Barbie concert. They really played up the girlishness of the whole thing, complete with a dollhouse set, a flully pale pink debutante gown and like 3 costume changes. And oh, there was also a revelation involved. What that is, the clue is in the playlist. Detailed comments sometime this weekend.

Meanwhile, here's the playlist:

1. Tomorrow (debutante gown ripped off)
2. Torpe feat. Teddy of Rocksteddy, formerly known as Andres Bulate ("Lagi mo na lang akong dinededma")
3. Tabing Ilog
4. High feat. Ney of 6cyclemind
5. Himig Natin by Teddy and Ney (costume change)
6. Salamat by Teddy, Ney and Barbie
7. Overdrive
8. Just a Smile
9. True Colors
10. Time After Time
11. Limang Dipang Tao
12. Bulong by Kitchie Nadal (costume change)
13. Majika by Kitchie
14. Firewoman by Kitchie on vocals/guitar, Barbie on piano
15. Same Ground by Kitchie and Barbie
16. Untitled Engagement Song
17. Dahilan
18. Parading
19. You Learn feat. Mrs. Almalbis
20. Sweet Child of Mine
21. Living on a Prayer
22. I'm the one who wants to be with you
23. Summer Day
24. Encore: Goodnyt (Remixed with Twinkle, Twinkle, Tomorrow and some praise song)
25. 012**

**I think this was the real last song of the night, but I could be wrong.

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