Sunday, January 22

Welcome to the Barbie and Kitchie Dollhouse

My brother and I are waiting for our dinner to arrive and we found this photo of the dolls Kitchie and Barbie online after clicking links from here.

This is Barbie na doll and Kitchie Nadal kicking your ass from some unidentified house. Incidentally, years back when I was trying to make a banner photo for the blog, my idea of a kantogirl shoot involved me kicking and the blogname etched on the sneaker's sole. But I suppose Barbie got there first. Oh well.

There's absolutely no explanation about the photo, but the comments are really amusing.

Some days back I caught bits of a TV Patrol entertainment report about the Lovapalooza party. Both Kitchie and Barbie were in attendance, and almost instantly, I got a text message from my friend Yeye.

"Hoy, Barbie's on tv. She's dating Senator Honasan's son!"

I don't know why people get the compulsion to do this. (Oh yeah, and this also happens whenever Lea Salonga is on tv.) I texted back, "Am watching it now. She looks kinda stressed. She's like owning all of her nearly 30 years."

"You are harsh."

"I'm just being affectionately bitchy, yo."

Anyway, my brother and I are also listening to the Eheads tribute album. We both think that Kitchie singing "Ilang ahit pa ba ang aahitin" is not only ill-advised, but also raises weird scenarios in one's head. What is she going to shave? And more importantly, the song makes out Kitchie to be a fiend. "Di naman ako manyakis tulad ng iba?" Gah. The people who thought Kitchie singing "Ligaya" was a brilliant idea should be drawn and quartered.

But then again, that's just us. We get cranky when hungry.

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