Wednesday, November 2

Love in the Time of IRC

Now if you have ever attempted to date online, here's an excerpt from the first chapter of ASL PLS, which you may either view as comedy or a very useful guide as to how people from different schools behave when doing an SEB:
16 year-old na Thomasian pa naman ang ka-eyeball ko. In fairness, guwapo (kung pic niya talaga yun ha), at mukhang mabait. Kaya kahit 1 am na, hindi ako natatakot makipag-SEB. Basta UST student, sweet lover. Parang driver. Medyo uptight ang personality pero wild makipag-sex. And unlike UP students, hindi sila basta-basta umaalis pagkatapos labasan. Yayakap sila, makikipagkwentuhan. Gusto ko rin ang Ateneans, kasi sobrang generous, mahilig mag-treat bago makipag-sex. Yung isa kong naka-fling for over a year, Philosophy student na hippie at kamukha ni Jesus. Kaya every time magsi-sex kami, feeling ko I’m being blessed. La Salleans are the worst. Sobrang vain. Lalabasan na lang inaayos pa rin ang buhok.
I would have objected to the quip about UP guys, but then again, I wouldn't exactly now. But them La Salle poeple they are funny ha. So do you find yourself in any of these descriptions? Hehehe.

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