Saturday, October 22

Friendster Top Searches

Following Butch's example, these are the popular search items in my Friendster network:

1. Soul mate test
2. personality test
3. what greek god are you?
4. love poems
5. Grace Adriano blog
7. Cynthia Yapchiongco
8. what is the meaning of my name
9. meaning of your name
10. grace adriano's blog

If you are one of those people who arrived at my page looking for Cynthia Yapchiongco, I'm sorry but I don't know who this person is. And I don't understand why loads of people are after her.

On the other hand, there are two entries for Rosanna Roces' daughter's blog. I haven't seen that blog myself but I can assure you that in showbiz circles, that's hot copy.

Seems only right that as November approaches, my showbiz gossip quotient gears up to the maximum. The Chichangs are getting ready to switch roles. And as I refuse to be drama queen, I'd be more than willing to get The Ultimate Chichang Role--that of Showbiz and Game Show Host.

Hehe. As if.

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