Wednesday, October 19

Zafra Online

Here's my fangirl find of the week: Jessica Zafra has a blog.

This after resisting the online temptation for a long, long time. Maybe she has more time now that she's not writing a column, not hosting a radio and television talk show, and not editing Flip anymore. She mentions that Flip is now a collector's item and I have all eight issues, nyahahaha! (Hay naku, only geeks will appreciate this.)

The Twisted blog contains the complete lyrics to the YC Bikini Briefs jingle and it also led me to this piece of news: that Fatboy Slim is planning to make an Imelda Marcos musical called Here Lies Love (which I think is taken from that scene in Ramona Diaz's docu where Imelda points to the mummified--er frozen, remains of Ferdinand Marcos in that crypt in Ilocos) to be released in March 2006.

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