Sunday, October 5

Enter the Matrix

Mark your calendars for November 5, at the zero hour. During which the the last of the Matrix trilogy will open simultaneously in 80 countries worldwide. While I was admittedly disappointed with Reloaded, which I thought was a two and a half hour prologue for Revolutions, I think I will still line up on opening day to see this. I have to. I need to have that closure, dammit.

In other matrix related news (or maybe not), I woke up from this very weird dream the other day. It was a fast forward dream, wherein I had supposedly done my share of course work for my graduate studies. My thesis proposal, which I have been joking about doing sriously, was about Kris Aquino's significance in Pinoy society. (Hmm..maybe I should start saving those forwarded emails related to Kris.)

I mean, if Patrick Flowers can pass off his Noranian streak into academia--he had this paper on why Nora Aunor is the narcotic of our society. Why not parlay my morbid interest in showbiz tsismis into a worthwhile piece of, ahem, intellectualized study, right? Anyhow, the panel thought otherwise. They don't want to hear anymore about Kris Aquino. So I suggested the next best thing:

Bomba! Thirty years of bold movies in Philippine Cinema.

I could even see the chapter outlines. There would be a whole chunk devoted to agriculture and deshabille. A historical background tracing the evolution of the bold movie: from the first torrid screen kiss, to the wet look, the pene movies and Dr. Rey Dela Cruz's softdrink beauties, the late 80s ST trend, Rosanna Roces, and the rise of the Viva Hotbabes and other minutae. O di ba, bongga?

Yes, I know it's weird. It's like saying, When I grow up, I wanna be a pornographer. Just because I liked the sound of it.

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