Monday, May 27

I watched Death to Smoochy yesterday, and my friend Arlyn and I were actually surprised to find it had a PG-13 rating while it was R-rated in the states. I know the censors must be feeling a bit generous, understanding that the film is a satire and all. But man, the row in front of us had a mom and 4 kids below ten years old, and when Robin Williams started screaming "But I am Rainbow "f***king Randolph!" over and over, we became squeamish and thought this definitely wasn't a movie for kids. But I guess when taken into contest and all, and I'm sure kids have heard swearing and murder and conspiracies before, they should turn out okay.

I had fun at the movie. It was a throwback to the 70s really. Rainbow Randolph reminded me of Kuya Germs in his GMA Supershow days wtih all the Belle Star Dancers with their feathers and the bright sequince-fested suits. Ugh. Kitschy, trashy, but ultimately fun.

Afterwards, Arlyn and I met up with my friend Marge at Kitchen. Marge wanted to hang out at Cafe Metro again, and have the General's Chicken. We've been there almost every week, and the store manager remembers us (or maybe her) already. The servings over at Kitchen are too huge. Come to think of it, everything was extra huge. The spoons, the plates, the servings. I cannot even get half the spoon into my mouth. Maybe we should use the tea spoons that come with their menu? Hehehe.

Anyhow, I forgot to blog about it last week, but I would most definitely want to hang out in Sanctum again. Marge and I nearly got lost trying to get to Intramuros. We ended up making a wrong turn, and driving to this seedy place under the bridge with lots of cargo trucks and seedy, shirtless men. It was quite dark, and it was the one time I was really thankful for car tints. We were praying that we shouldn't ever get a flat in places like those. Two girls in a car in a very dark, seedy place with greasy looking guys just isn't our idea of a great time. But anyhow, the Puerta Isabel side of Intramuros is really charming, but they do close too early. We wanted to go to Cafea, but they were closed, and the Starbucks guard let us in to order coffee and let us stay there for a while. If the place weren't out of the way, I really would like to go there more often.

We went there for the open mic, and we sort of hesitated to go in because there was a play going on, and afterwards, they all seemed like they knew each other. But what the heck, and it was starting to rain. Open mic was fun. We sat on the ledge near the glass doors. The Godfather was there and performed the baker girl poem again.

At around 2 or 3 am, we decided we wanted to eat. We walked around Malate, but most of the clubs and restaurants were closing already. We ended up in Cafe Adriatico again. In the same table upstairs. We had breakfast and some chat and then it was time to go. I was supposed to sleep over at her sister's place in Paranaque, but I had stuff to do and had to go home. I was really very tired and got in a cab and then turned on the computer a few minutes after I came into the door. Then several hours later, we met again in Glorietta for lunch. At three or four in the afternoon. We were so hungry. It was really a crazy thing to do, and tiring. But fun. I don't know when we can do that again though. Summer's nearly over and she has school and I have work and we won't get to hang out as much. Hm. I can sense early withdrawal symptoms already. Argh. But I will always remember this as a fun and angsty summer.

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