Thursday, May 16

Be warned, shameless self-promotion coming through.

< insert shameless self promotion here >

I wish I could find a more flattering picture, not.

Please watch tonight's episode of Kasangga, 9pm, GMA-7. It will be the final (farewell) episode for the show, since the management has decided that our host might fare better in a sitcom. Tonight's episode will feature Polo Ravales as a former sacristan who is desperate to keep his lovechild from his hostile mother-in-law. Hostage taking incident, happened in a small town in Cebu.Script by yours truly, directed by Maryo J. delos Reyes. This is the (my) last script for the show. So please watch.

Next week, watch out for the pilot episode of Daboy en Da Girl, still with Rudy Fernandez and Rosanna Roces. I won't be a part of that anymore. Sitcom kasi. Di ko keri. So for now, my permanent show is the teen drama Click, Saturdays, 4-5.30 pm. I'm trying to do away with the violence and instead I'll be focusing on adolescent angst. Anyhow, please do watch the episode tonight, Thursday, 9pm, GMA-7.

< /end insert shameless self promotion here >

Okay, that's all. I'm going back to work.

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