Friday, May 24

I am incapable of anything these days except for wallowing. I appreciate all the encouraging words. I'm sure I'll snap out of it. The sooner it is, the better. Meanwhile, here's something I found in our mailing list, which may or may not be helpful to me (I told you I'm being selfish right now):
"We tend to see reality with our own eyes only, react to it with the whims of our own emotions, and perceive it with our own mindsets. But we always neglect the deepest essence of "Reality" -- those things that what other people see, feel, and perceive as well! Why not try to see the world in another person's eyes?"
Dying words of Ginu, after Soul Exchange. Dragonball enlightens.*

*I've never really been a fan of the series. I don't know who Ginu is, and I only know the barest hint of the plot. It was something all the guys in my high school watched, and they still watch, and the quote came from one of them. It just makes sense, at this point in time, for what this Ginu said, whoever he is. My apologies to anime fans.

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