Tuesday, May 26

Tintin in Las Islas Filipinas

Woke up yesterday with the weird compulsion to get all the Tintin adventure books. There are 24 books (not counting "Tintin in Thailand" hehe ) and I've read a handful of them but now only have the moon books (Destination Moon, Explorers on the Moon).

Then I go online and the web leads me to this site that maps the travels of the boy reporter. I looked for the moon and found the Philippines. Tintin passed through the South China sea en route to Nanking and Shanghai. I wonder what sort of adventure he would have had if he landed on our shores instead.


Tregenza said...

Thank you for linking to my map. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

wltrrbls said...

If the David v. David concert was anything to go by....

May guesting si Tintin sa SIS kung saan nakaupo sya sa isang stool habang sineserenade sya nila Jonalyn Viray. Tapos may exclusive party sa bahay nina Chavit sa Corinthian Gardens kung saan may photo-op sila ni Pacquiao.

Unless he shrugs his shoulders like Frenchmen do and call us a nation of servants. Or complain na may daga sa room nya. Or mention mail-order brides. Kung ganon, first flight out sya agad, di man lang sya makakalabas ng airport.

The sad part is that's the truth.

butch guerrero said...

have you read tintin in the new world: a romance by frederic tuten?

kantogirl said...

@walter: o baka naman mag-ala claire danes siya. hehehe.

@butch: heard about it but haven't read it. postmodern shit daw and medyo uneven yung reviews. haven't come across it in the bookstores eh.