Wednesday, June 13

Regine's Girls

Watched the Regine Velasquez-Piolo Pascual movie Paano Kita Iibigin last weekend. It was the last full show on a Sunday night, so that might explain why there weren't too many people inside the theater.

When I took a look around, most of the viewers were females and a handful of gay guys. That's reason enough to think that these people were there to see Papa Piolo.

But I have a feeling they weren't too happy about the movie because (1) it was very predictable; (2) Piolo is merely repeating himself because he already played the same role in Nine Mornings; and (3) Regine's, uhm, perkiness, played major roles and should have been billed as part of the cast.

The unbearable distraction caused by Regine going bra-less has crept into the movie dialogue. There was this scene where Liwayway, the over the top resort cook played by Eugene Domingo, stopped Regine from confronting Piolo. She said something like, "Hoy, maghunos dili ka. Wag kang manugod kasi wala kang bra." I don't know whether that was part of the script but it's more likely an adlib.

The mystery of Her Royal Perkiness occupied the thoughts of the movie viewers. Why is she distracting us? We offered ourselves answers: (a) They were in a hurry to get to the resort, and as the vacation was offered while they were on the way to the airport, it's possible that the wardrobe Regine had on hand did not include provisions for bras; (b) Regine is old enough to do such things; (c) she's never read the manual on how to properly show off one's girls; or (d) She's Regine *freaking* Velasquez, and if she felt like showing off her girls, she has every right to do so because she's (repeat after me) Regine *freaking* Velasquez.

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