Monday, June 11

Library Hours

The Library Thing must be every geek's dream widget. With it, you can catalogue your books online. So far, I've uploaded nearly a hundred of my books. Mostly, these books are the ones piled beside my desk and perhaps read in the last couple of years.

Check out the meager contents of my library here. Or you can just check out the sidebar for random book covers.

Bah, I'm sleepy and there's a wall full of books to go.

1 comment:

handyfemme said...

kaadik yang librarything, hehe. I bought my lifetime account last year. Kung hindi pa naman ba sapat yun to catalog my books, ewan ko na lang, hehe.

BTW, may student ka dati from UP na nandito na rin sa Canada at schoolmate ko dito sa U of M. >P

(Ang tagal ko nang binabasa tong blog mo, pero once in a blue moon lang ako mag-iwan ng comment, hehe.)