Wednesday, March 21

Carver's Greatest Hits

Where I'm Calling From. Raymond Carver. Php70, Booksale

Book #7 is Where I'm Calling From, the final short fiction collected released before Carver died in 1988. It has 37 stories, arranged chronologically from his earlier efforts to the present. It gives you a very good sense of Carver's evolution as writer. The copy I got from Booksale didn't have the table of contents--after all, I can't complain much since I got it for only 70 pesos. I ended up writing down all the titles and page counts. It turns out I've read around half of the stories already from previous Carver books. Most of the stories here have appeared elsewhere, or with new titles. Very surface comment: A whole lot of his characters have problems with drinking--as though you didn't know that before.

Another very surface comment: I like the photo of the author on the cover. It makes him look very ferocious. I thought that the style of the photo looked familiar, and true enough, it turns out that Marion Ettlinger is credited for the photo. I've seen a book of author photos I like, called Author Photos, I think.

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