Thursday, January 25

Frilled Shark

Shark or sperm? You decide.

For this post, I will let CNN's own report highlights do the talking:

Rare frilled shark videotaped by staff at Japanese marine park
• Shark normally lives at least 2,000 feet below the sea
• Scientists believe it came to shallow waters because it was sick
• Shark died shortly after it was caught

The frilled shark is supposed to be a carryover from ye olde days--it's really almost prehistoric that the scientists call this species a "living fossil." When they said "frilled," I had in mind a shark wearing ruffles and frills, like Lenny in Shark Tale or something. But look at that mug, doesn't it remind you of dinosaurs?

On another note, what's up with these Japanese scientists? It seems like they've been busy filming weird creatures from the deep. Or perhaps, what is it with the waters south of Tokyo? Last month it was the giant squid. Now an ancient shark. Maybe next month we'll have a face-to-face encounter with Godzilla na talaga. Nyar.

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