Tuesday, April 4


GMA Films decided to rebutt certain "reports from tabloids" that their film "Moments of Love" was based on 2 Korean movies--Kim Jeong-kweon’s “Ditto” and Lee Hyun-seung’s “Il Mare.” This is what GMA Films president Annette Abrogar had to say:

"We never claimed it was an original concept. From the very start, we said that the movie was inspired by ‘Somewhere in Time.’ We just presented it in a manner that the Filipino audience would like best. I think we were misinterpreted when we said that ‘Moments’ is an extraordinary story,” Abrogar told Inquirer Entertainment. “Maybe people thought that we meant the story was original. What we wanted to say was that the movie was not your usual love story [but not that] we invented it.”

True, you can't reinvent the wheel. But I always thought that if you're not going to be original--which is hard to do, there must be like just one or two original stories in this world and we just recycle it everytime. You can ask Joseph Campbell on that. But then again, if you're going to copy or "get inspired" by something, you might as well make it memorable.

Wish could say something more. But I just don't have the right amount of braincells working at the moment to construct a proper reply.

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