Monday, April 3

The Great Bee Is Watching

I finished tabulating grades for another class tonight. Two down, two to go. Yey! As a reward for myself, I trolled around online a bit and found two variations on the same thing:

Photo swiped from Adel Gabot's lj

photo from paolomanalo's flickr

The first is swiped from the Electric Journal of Adel Gabot. I suppose if Jollibee owner Tony Tancaktiong decides to venture into the coffee business like McDonald's did with McCafe, he can call it Jollibean. But apparently someone in Singapore already beat him to it. Unless this really is part of the Jollibee empire.

The second photo is by Paolo Manalo,, who spotted it in Baguio, where he's currently taking part in the UP National Writers Workshop.

It's 2006 and a giant bee is watching us. Maybe we should all run for our lives.

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