Friday, February 24

Regarding Henry, Scott and Ernest, Feat. Jack and Ennis

The scholar Michael Wood investigates the mysterious testicles of Henry James. Several generations of writers have speculated on whether the lack of relations with girls was a sign that the author of Portrait of a Lady is actually a lady a-hiding in a closet. This curiosity made writers like Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald include this literary rumor in their works.

Wood then points out that this curiosity on the part of the authors Hemingway and Fitzgerald may have been a reflection that they were gay lovers. Wood cites the end of chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby which somehow suggests that Nick Carraway had a thing for Mr. McKee.

Everyone's talking of cowboys so much I might resort to riding camels. Nyar. But before I self-impose a gag order on talking about cowboys and camels, here is the really hilarious Brokeback shopping list from the summer of '62.

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