Saturday, February 25

Post 24/02/06: The Superfacial Reports

Yesterday, I had a plan. After class, I would do my errands, like:

1. Find myself plain, solid-colored bedsheets so I can feel more like a grownup. I also thought of painting my electric blue and pink walls into something like beige or white, but that would be too much trouble so I settled on the bedsheets (and pillows, with new pillow cases, and a comforter too).

2. Since the shops in Mega did not have the long-ish pinstriped shorts I wanted in my size--the medium was kind of snug na, pakshyet--I thought of doing my shopping in Makati. Baka mas curvy friendly sila. Got to plan the summer wardrobe while I still have time.

3. The pinstripe shorts would go very well with plain white sneakers. Para kumpleto ang outfit. And maybe check out that Edsa 20/20 exhibit na na-feature sa Unang Hirit.

4. Pero my real objective was this: I had to get myself a facial. I haven't had a facial since late August, when The Show took over my life. Bluekessa claimed that ever since The Show, I had dark circles down to my jaws and it's only recently that I began to show some color. Konti na lang, I'd be the perfect example for The Seven Signs of Early Aging, so I decided to take action.

I wasn't able to do any of those things because when I woke up Friday morning, a rebellion was in the works. A coup plot has been thwarted. Classes were suspended. Sometime mid-morning, all dressed up but nowhere to go, Guerrero and I were texting each other. Should we go to EDSA?

The UP contigent was there. The Shrine is near Mega. I could still get my facial if we go there. But, no wait. GMA declared a national emergency. If we go to Edsa, we might get arrested because of this Proclamation 1017 thing. People thought it was really Martial Law, but she's not calling it such but we all know what it is anyway. Ano daw? They arrested Randy David. Should we still go?

Because if I get a facial then I can't go because raw skin can't be exposed to the sun and other harsher elements. I live near The Palace, all the exits around town are barricaded. Guerrero suggested I should buy mongo and candles and pancit canton. I go get groceries. Lots of people in the mall. They didn't look worried. So maybe we should still go. Where is Edsa again? Tamadita texts we really shouldn't, because it looked too dangerous. They even put a warrant out for former UP President Nemenzo. Maybe I really should be worried. Cops have already raided The Tribune office. I live near the depot. What if they bomb it?

If they do, then that J-pop thing won't push through anymore. If so, then there's no point in getting that facial.

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