Sunday, April 24

A Weblog Webliography

If you're doing a research paper on blogs, jill/txt points us to this very thorough and informative bibliography of articles and research papers on blogs and blogging. The 184 items in Kairosnews' list saves you the hassle of toiling google for sources, and is more than enough to prop your research papers.

It puts together some of the earlier articles about digital culture, including Dave Winer's History of Weblogs; Rebecca Blood's own history and perspective on the blogging phenomenon; Rebecca Mead's "You've Got Blog", an article which originally appeared in the New Yorker and coaches us on how to put our businesses, relationships and lives online; and Joe Clark's deconstruction of Mead's article, wherein he argues that blogging is an inherently incestuous preoccupation, in that “the other people who have blogs... read your blog, and if they like it they blog your blog on their own blog.”

Ten years ago, the web was still a distant hum in our universe--especially in the backwater areas like the Philippines. During that time, in my own research paper class, there was a grand total of a single paper on the topic: an attempt to "empower the students," which was pretty farfetched, given that net access was restricted to a handful of people.

Now I get no less than five web-related proposals in each of my research paper classes. True, a lot of them deal with friendster, and the students tend to write in a web/net cast not too wide and not too deep. You can give them all the framework and theory you want, but unfortunately, critical thinking can't be bought in your corner 7-11. But I'm still hoping that this improves.

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