Wednesday, December 8

How to pack off your brain when you're brain dead

In case you conk out and you want humanity to benefit from your grey matter, that is. The New York Brain Bank at Columbia University tells you how to pack off that juicy brain of yours to their lab so they can use your donation to study Alzheimer's disease and help millions in the process. I just hope they have something of the sort here in the Philippines, where we have a pandemic of amnesia, if you believe what you watch on tv.

Go here to get their shipping information. It's complete with a step by step guide and lists all the things you need--ziplocs, ice packs, fresh brain, yum!--and how to do it.

fresh brain, yum yum

Brain in ice looks like something from Ice Monster. Yummy!

After this, you can go out and brag that all it takes to seal your brain is a 40x50cm ziploc bag. Yay.

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