Friday, December 17

The Diliman Scandal (aka Faculty Follies 2004)

Apparently, I have a blackmail photo floating around.

I have learned my lesson: never decline lunch invites from friends with digicams, lest said people turn up at the college variety show and take photos which they will later post in their blogs.

And not only that, there's even video evidence of me dancing onstage along with my former lit theory professor. But I still think I got the better deal. I present you this photo from the 2004 Faculty Follies:

Mama Er, chair of the Department of European Languages, dressed in drag as Valentina. Photo courtesy of BnC.

Presenting Mama Er, the ever honorable chairperson of the Deparment of European Languages, here dressed as Valentina. This is arguably the most disturbing photo yet to come out of the event, unless they dig one up of Jovy Peregrino in drag and with arching eyebrows.

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