Tuesday, November 9

System Kind of a Down

In case somebody's checking, I won't be able to blog much. My computer monitor just died. Again. For no reason at all, while I was trying to revise some syllabi and watch Last Tango in Paris, the screen just turned black and refused to show any sign of color. And I just replaced the damn monitor last summer. To complicate things more, even the computer at work is kaput. So it really really annoys me that I am without a pc.

Quick note: This morning, I saw the sun's morning rays. The first time in a long long while. More specifically, the sun refused to let me catch a wink on the train on the way to school. And I saw lots and lots of worker bees going to their hives. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

For this morning's link, go here if you want to see what Team Angas looks like. I'm already warning you--it ain't pretty.

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