Monday, September 2

Renaissance Girl is talking about the "crimes of [her] generation" coming back to haunt her. Hairspray, Ralph Macchio, the pubescent Ricky Martin and Caselyn Francisco. It's all definitely coming back. Every day I am assaulted by hearing Madonna's "Blue Kiss" at full blast from my neighbor's stereo. Now don't get me wrong, because I love Lola Madonna. My earliest memory of her is watching a little girl in fishnets and bakal bracelets gyrating to "Like A Virgin" on the talent portion of Little Miss Philippines. I swore that I will never let myself (thank god my mother was sane) or my kid shanghaied to a kid byukon.

I have a few jarring images from the 80s. The rest of the decade is a blur, as though I passed through it with my eyes closed. But I will always remember Kuya Germs and the Bellestar Dancers, who entertain you to within an inch of your life. Only that Kuya Germs now screams "Walaaaang tulugan!"

[ Digression: I quoted that line to another friend who's, er, a bit more mature than me and she has absolutely no idea what that is. I tell her it's from Master Showman, where they still give away videos and gift packs from CY Gabriel soap or something. Still a blank stare, then a connection. "So it's like Take it away!" My turn for a blank stare. "What's that?" "You know, JQ." "Who's JQ?" I don't know what JQ looks like, if he's still alive, and neither is he in my consciousness. Anyhow, it's always disturbing when you have to explain to each other pop culture references when you live in the same country, only from different, er, time space continuums. /End Digression ]

What is indelible to me is the 90s, starting with Andrew E. and FrancisM in his ethnic phase. Now Mr. Panget is back, with Salbakuta in tow. We will have to explain what alien zeitgeist zapped our brains into turning Dayang-dayang, Macarena and Aringkingking into national anthems. Or prepare dissertations into the many allures of the Guwapings, the Universal Motion Dancers, the Jolina-Ama jokes. Are they bigger monstrosities we have to atone for? In another ten years, all this will come back to haunt us.

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